Flor & Fjære is where the rainbow hit Earth

A visit to Flor & Fjære starts off with a pleasant boat trip on the fjord, followed by a walking tour in the lush gardens – and rounds off with an abundant buffet that makes your mouth water.

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It all started in 1965, when Åsmund and Else Marie Bryn bought the farmstead Mangela on the northern tip of Sør-Hidle and built themselves a small cottage.

Due to poor health, Åsmund was forced to move to Mangela for the peace and quiet. As his health improved, he planted pine trees to provide a wind breaker for the property and started designing a small garden. By 1995, Olav (Åsmund’s son) and his wife, Siri, opened the garden and restaurant to its first guests.

The restaurant

Something for vision and taste alike

Our Chef, André Mulder, is inspired by food from all over the world – pure, natural flavours from the freshest ingredients possible.

The menu is enhanced by herbs from our own Cloister Garden and presented as a delicate buffet. Our quest to find special plants, often brings us to places that specialize in wine production as well, and we are able to import great-tasting wines directly to the restaurant.

Menu 2018

Our famous Hidlefjord fish soup
Allergens: milk, onion

– Traditional creamy fish soup with 3 types of fish, root vegetables and dill

Rogaland lamb
Allergens: gluten, onion

– Pastrami-spice rubbed local Black face sheep, slow cooked and served with ancient grains, spelt and honey

Aged Fana cheese – from Osteriet outside Bergen
Allergens: milk, gelatin

– on a fennel slaw and served with panna cotta of red beets, fresh berries and three dressings

Vegetarian Chili (Vegetarian)
Allergens: milk

– made of 3 kinds of beans, fresh corn and served au gratin with Manchego (Spanish cheese)

Aloo methi (Vegetarian)
Allergens: milk

– classic Indian dish with fenugreek leaves and curried cauliflower with herbs from the garden

Ryfylke halibut
Allergens: onion, citrus, raw fish

– fresh local halibut served with shrimp Ceviche de Camarón (after a Cuban recipe ); marinated in lime, red onions, scallions, cilanto and our house olive oil fom La Spineta

North Sea Cod
Allergens: fish, citrus

– fresh local cod fried with a crust of black olives and chorizo and served with fresh tomatoes and clam broth

Stange Gård farm chicken
Allergens: soy

– local chicken breast and pork glazed with dark brown sugar, mustard and black pepper with a light Asian-style sauce of soy, red onions, bell peppers and cashew nuts

Accompaniments: salads, dressings, stir-fried vegetables and Amandine potatoes

Dessert & coffee

Our gardens

This year’s Flor & Fjære opens May 4th. 50 000 flowers will be newly planted and awaiting your visit. As will our restaurant with a fresh, new menu. Are you hungry for new impressions?

Olav Bryn designs the gardens and park year after year. He spends the winter season planning and creating new combinations, finding new plants and flowers and looking for nuances not yet tried. This result is an explosion of colors. When he is asked what his inspiration is, he answers quickly: the rainbow. Partly joking, but also with a grain of truth.

Conferences, meetings and special events

Our meeting rooms now have updated audiovisual equipment to enhance meetings and seminars. The largest meeting room can take approximately 100 people. If you prefer an evening event, we can accommodate up to 300 dinner guests in our largest dining room.

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