The new 4000m2 (1 acre) greenhouse enables us to make better use of the natural resources on the island.

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Self-sufficient and sustainable

The greenhouse

We aim to be self-sufficient regarding food, electricity and water.

The new greenhouse is 4000m2 (1 acre) and comprises a new jungle restaurant, the production of flowers, herbs and vegetables, winter storage of vulnerable plants, as well as supplies deliveries and a customs unit for our wine importation.

Sør-Hidle is an island without road connections and public water supply, and the new greenhouse enables us to make better use of the natural resources we have on the island.


Home-sourced food and flowers

Moving the flower production and winter storage of plants from the old family nursery on the mainland to our island property, has saved us countless hours and transportation legs and ferry rides with our truck.

We start the production of annuals early spring. As soon as the flowers are planted and our season starts, the production of herbs and vegetables for the restaurant takes over.


Solar power

The new greenhouse has 1000 m2 solar panels on its roof. These panels provide us with enough electricity to make us self-sufficient through the summer – and then some!

The excess energy we get on the long, sunny, nordic summer days, is used to heat giant water tanks, which in turn heats our greenhouse during the night.

Water and waterworks

The water in our garden ponds and lakes is mostly collected rainwater, and this water is used to water the gardens. In addition, we now collect all the rainfall on the greenhouse roof, and also recycle the water we use during plant production. This secures enough water to keep our flowers and plants alive throughout the year!

Additionally, in 2022 we have several new boreholes and we have installed a new water cleansing system in the greenhouse. This means we can serve fresh, pure water from the island to our guests – and the end to selling bottled water!