We love to have guests in our garden, and our goal is to delight everyone who comes to visit us

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Where the rainbow hit the earth

We love to have guests in our garden, and our goal is to delight everyone who comes to visit us. The family works all year with one clear goal; to create the best garden – ever!

A visit to Flor & Fjære is a visit to the family’s garden. Built with passion over three generations, our garden has grown from a windswept homestead to a colorful oasis – and here we love to receive guests!

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Photo: Anne Valeur


Photo: Anne Valeur


Photo: Anne Valeur

From windswept cape to exotic garden

The family history

It all started in 1965. Åsmund and Else Marie Bryn bought a windswept homestead on the northern tip of Sør-Hidle, where they built a family cabin.

In 1987, Åsmund received disability benefits and began planting the area. Eventually the garden got bigger and bigger. Flor & Fjære took shape and people flocked. After a while there was a need for refreshments, and in 1995 his son Olav and his wife Siri opened the restaurant.

Now it is the third generation, Endre Bryn Hidlefjord and his wife Hanne Kvernberg Hidlefjord, who have taken over, and the plans for new expansions are ready.


The beginning

The family cabin was built in 1965.


1st generation

Else Marie and Åsmund Bryn


2nd generation

Olav and Siri Bryn


3rd generation

Endre and Hanne Hidlefjord


Great food and wine

The kitchen team

Chef André Mulder has little interest in gardening, but is passionate about good food and wine. After 23 summers on the island, he is considered part of the family. He spends the winter with his family in Thailand, and every year he brings with him a kitchen team from Shang Rai.

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